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So, Why Buy a Bailey?

Bailey Cars was founded in 2003 by Peter and Greg Bailey. Together, the brothers worked hard to fill a niche need for high quality, reliable, and fully raceable recreational replicas. The largely successful run with the initial GT40 design resulted in the development of their flagship model, the 917 replica.


All Bailey cars have been designed for hard racing by true enthusiasts on race tracks around the world. Bailey cars are already globally enjoyed by enthusiasts in Sweden, Australia, South Africa, Germany, Finland, Holland, England, and Zambia.

As the official importer for the USA, Carello Group is prepared to make importing and coordinating your Bailey 917 project simple, effective, and stress-free.

 These original cars were designed and built several decades ago. Engineering has come a long way in those years, and so we find ourselves asking "why not take advantage of that?" Why buy a car that is exactly like an original if we know it has flaws? We are sure that you as the private owner of such a car isn’t interested in rebuilding your wheel bearings after each race or even replacing your aluminum tubed chassis after each race either.



The philosophy at Bailey Cars has been to build cars that are true to the originals, but have improvements where we know they need them. Enjoying your car is about driving, racing and showing off your pride and joy, not having it in pieces. The Bailey Car range is built for the genuine enthusiast, collector and for the real racing driver at the same time. That is what places Bailey Cars several seconds a lap ahead of the competition!

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Laser cut carbon steel space frame chassis
Laser cut aluminium panels which are then bonded and riveted to the chassis
Complete welded in roll cage
Chassis is identical looking to original except roughly 3 times stronger



Front: Unequal length double wishbone, with 2 way adjustable damper and height adjustable coil over spring.
Rear: The rear is also an independent double trailing arm with transverse top link and lower wishbone.
Billet aluminium 7075 uprights with easy bearing change and quick set up.
Aurora rod ends fitted as standard


Braking system

Radial mounted 4 pot AP Racing calipers
Twin AP racing master cylinders with brake bias bar as standard
Dash mounted remote brake bias adjusting knob
325mm by 32mm thick ventilated floating discs all round.
Brake cooling ducts all round as standard
Brake pad compounds available to suit various types of car usage


Wheels and Tires

Center nut quick tighten 3 piece 16″ diameter rim
15″ wide rear tyres
10.5″ wide front tyres
To fit Good Year Eagle slicks available in RSA.



The original style body comprises eight molded GRP sections.
Front windscreens in Shatterproof SABS approved glass.
Side windows in poly-carbonate with hinging flap as on original 917
Front and Rear gurney flap standard




The interior has original VDO white dial with black faces
13-inch, 3 spoke steering wheel
Rake and height adjustable steering column
Alcantara covered dash
Sliding floor mounted BEC pedals
Driver foot rest
Race type bucket seat covered in alcantara
Cockpit space for tall drivers up to 6 foot 5 inches tall
Bare aluminium clad cockpit finish with powder coating colour of choice
Roll cage padding
6-point racing harness
4 nozzle electronic fire extinguisher


Engine and fuel system

The Chassis is constructed to install any air cooled Porsche 6 cylinder motor in normally aspirated or turbo form, as per the purchaser specification.
Dry sump lubrication Patterson 5 gallon tank
2 stage high pressure fuel pump system
Go – tech or Dictator engine management system
80 litre fuel tank capacity
Rubber bladder fuel tank and anti surge foam
Aero quip fittings as standard


Gearbox and clutch

The gearbox of choice is the Porsche G50, G60 or Hewland type
Either a road spec clutch, intermediate spec or full race double plate.
LSD as standard in gearboxes fitted


Overall Dimensions   

Wheel Base                 2310mm
Body Height                970mm
Body Length               4250mm
Body Width                 2050mm
Ground Clearance    70mm
Cockpit Width            970mm
Cockpit Height           760mm
Cockpit Length          1400mm
Max Driver Height     6ft 5  with helmet

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